Q: How can I add a device to the Preservation Registry?
A: Registering a device with Philips can be done here.

Q: Where can I go to get information about replacement devices?
A: Information about replacement devices can be found on Philips’s website.

Q: How can I have my email address added to the plaintiffs’ distribution list?
A: Your email address is added to the plaintiffs’ distribution list when you file a Notice of Appearance in the MDL. If you have not filed a case but would like to be added to plaintiffs’ communications, please contact liaisons.mdl3014@pietragallo.com.

Q: Where can I find court orders?
A: Most court orders can be found on our website under “Court Filings.” All transfer orders and other filings pertaining to MDL 3014 can be found on the court website here.

Q: Where do I send cases that I want added to the tolling agreement?
A: Please reference the instructions in Pretrial Order #25 re: Census Registry (Doc. 739), which establishes MDL Centrality as the host website of the Census Registry. MDL Centrality is an online platform hosted by BrownGreer that the Parties have agreed to use for service and for the production of certain discovery and case-specific records. It is required to register your firm on MDL Centrality to add Potential Claimants to the Census Registry.

To add your firm to MDL Centrality’s CPAP portal, either select “Enroll Law Firm” on the main MDL Centrality page (https://www.mdlcentrality.com) or email MDL Centrality’s dedicated inbox for this case at cpap@browngreer.com. To add a Potential Claimant to the Census Registry, a Census Registry Form must be submitted through MDL Centrality accessible at this link: https://www.mdlcentrality.com/cpap.

MDL Centrality has fillable PDFs of the Census Registry Form accessible for download, as well as an import spreadsheet to submit multiple Potential Claimants at once.

Q: What are the preservation requirements?
A: Preservation requirements are outlined in the Interim Preservation Order that is applicable to Trilogy Devices (Doc. No. 578) and the Amended Preservation Order Applicable to DreamStation 1 Devices (Doc. 773).

Q: Can we teleconference into the monthly status conferences?
A: Unless otherwise noted, all proceedings before the court will be conducted in person, and neither a dial-in number nor video conferencing will be provided to counsel or the general public.

Q: When can we expect the transcript of the monthly status conferences?
A: The co-liaison counsel will provide a summary of the status conferences to all parties within 10 days of the conference. A transcript will also be made available within 90 days.

You can also find the conference transcripts under the “Filings” section of this website at the bottom of the page. They are added after the co-liaisons circulate them to plaintiff’s counsel through email.

Q: Who can we contact with questions relating to the litigation?
A: Attorneys can contact the plaintiffs’ co-liaison counsel, D. Aaron Rihn, and Peter St. Tienne Wolff, at liaisons.mdl3014@pietragallo.com.

Media should contact media@mdl3014.com.